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Hi Kids! Eddie Eggplant here!

I bet you didn't know that I LOVE to cook! We eggplants are pretty awesome in the kitchen you know! Here are a few ideas for you to try at home using some of the really yummy and super fresh fruits and veggies we sell here at Veggie Boys.

If you’ve got a really cool recipe you’d like to share with me and Angus, write it in an email to me here at shop@veggieboys.net and I’ll give it a go! The really good ones I'll publish here on the website. Don't forget it has to be a recipe using fruit and veggies though! Anyway, let's get cooking!!!

  • Baked Potatoes with Scrummy Topping

    The Murphy Brothers taught us this recipe one winter night when we were all really hungry after a busy day here at Veggie Boys ...

  • Banana Splits

    A great way to enjoy everyone’s favourite bananas which are always super cheap here at Veggie Boys!

  • Chanelle's Chicken Salad

    Crumbed chicken with red peppers, cashew nuts and crispy noodles ...

  • Creamy Mushroom Soup

    A delicious, easy soup for mushroom lovers ...

  • Guacamole Dip and Veggie Sticks

    Angus Avocado's favourite snack!

  • Oakhill Potatoes

    Potatoes, egg and bacon – all in a scrumptious cheese sauce ...

  • Pavlova

    Wow your Mums and Nanas with this combination of delicious fresh fruit and gooey soft yumminess ...

  • Roasted Vegetable Cannelloni

    Become a Pasta Master with this yummy root vegetable bake ...

  • Self-Crusting Quiche

    As the name suggests, this quick quiche practically makes itself!

  • Spicy Apple Cakes

    Apples and lemons come together to create a tangy taste sensation ...

  • Spicy Cucumber

    A refreshing simple salad with amazing Asian flavours ...

  • Veggie Pie

    Use any veggies you have to hand for this winter favourite ...

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