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Kids Section

Hi Kids! I’m Eddie Eggplant and this is my best mate Angus Avocado!

Welcome to our FUNPAGE! Here you can check out some REALLY cool stuff that’s all about VEGGIES! Click on the links below to find cool veggie science facts and experiments, some colouring–in sheets and a story about our adventures!

We ♥ veggies here at Veggie Boys and Angus and I will be keeping busy updating our page here all the time so check in regularly to see what’s new! Don't forget to check out our Recipes page too!


  • Make a Potato Battery
    Potatoes are boring, right? Wrong! You can use a potato as a power source to light up a very small bulb or a light emitting diode (LED), which you can buy cheaply from a hardware shop.

  • Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice
    Making invisible ink is great fun — you can write secret messages and surprise your friends with your secret agent skills!

  • Rainbow Celery
    Here’s a quick and easy fun experiment for those of you who don’t like to wait too long to see what happens!


  • Make Potato Stamps
    Potatoes make great stamps and you can cut them into any shape you can think of!

  • Colouring Eddie
    Print out this picture of Eddie Eggplant and colour him in!



  • Did you know?
    Most people think they know the difference between fruits and vegetables but there are some really surprising facts that you may not know...

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